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Subway Advertising

Is Subway Advertising Worth It?

Subway advertising costs have more than doubled from the last three decades. Once considered to be the more effective advertising method, subway advertising involves the placement of adverts at the subway stations, targeting those who are using public transport. The effectiveness of subway advertising depends on how many people interact with the adverts. In most situations, people traveling by subways are after catching the train to their destination. In these days of mobile phones, the passengers are more likely to spend time chatting with friends, or reading online news, hence missing the advertising displays at the subways. Therefore, the subway advertising costs may not be justifiable in many cases.
To put your marketing budget to better use, the advertiser has to be more creative. Consider the much effective In—hand advertising approaches, guaranteed to catch the attention of the target audience. So, why is the subway advertising no longer serving the marketers?

Less Traffic at the Subways

A survey carried out in 2020 revealed that 57% of participants in the US would less likely take a subway or public train after the Coronavirus pandemic.  Therefore, the adverts on subways advertising display no longer generate impressions, and the marketers do not get the return on investment they have already incurred.   Even where there is an ROI, it takes longer than anticipated.

It May be Difficult to Target the Right audience

The second reason why subway advertising is not effective is the difficulty in targeting the right audience. Ideally, there is no certainty that the type of audience you are targeting will turn out at the subway station. Thus, the subway advertising costs take longer to recover. It makes sense if the advertiser tried an alternative advertising method that allows him or her to target the right audience.

Involves High Initial Costs

Expect that the subway advertising costs will be high from the onset. The advertiser has to rent space, print huge adverts for the message to reach the target audience, and pay for the cost of maintenance. For instance, the Static subway-entrance ads will cost $3,000. Spotlight or projection on a busy highway costs up to $4,500 and up per night. Mobile billboard trucks charge $5,000 per 50-hour week. In that regard, subway advertising is expensive and simply too high for a small business.

Advertising on Sanitization Stations

Hand sanitizer Stand advertising displays
The more affordable alternative for modern businesses is advertising on the sanitization stations. The approach involves putting up advertisement displays at the sanitization stations. As people come in to use the sanitization stations, they interact with the advertisement. Generally, the advertisement will catch the viewer’s attention simply because it is a unique approach and in unusual places.
Placing adverts on displays located within sanitization stations is one of the best advertising methods available today. The advertisers can customize the message to suit the target audience, hence generate maximum interactions. The cost involved is lower, compared to subway advertising costs.


Are you struggling to achieve better sales? Go for the in-hand advertising method, to generate more brand awareness. The perfect example is advertising on sanitization stations, which has a high capacity to generate higher reach, increasing brand recognition.  With increased brand awareness, your sales will be on an upward trajectory within less time than it would take if you advertise on subways. Contact Adzze today for the best in-hand advertising approaches.