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Why Mall Advertising Costs are Increasing

Here’s Why Mall Advertising Costs are Increasing

Traditional advertising methods have seen their downfall due to the lasting effects of COVID. Advertising methods like billboards are declining because people want to spend their time at home. Displaying advertisements at malls attracts people’s attention immediately. You can make ads more attractive by adding illumination solutions. These illuminated ads increase the visibility rate, leading to an increased conversion rate and eventually purchase intent. This factor might be the reason for increasing mall advertising costs.

Bag Advertisement

Traditional advertisements like billboards cost more but result in less ROI. Effective advertisements should be able to track the number of impressions. But traditional mall advertisements do not provide the facility of targeting and tracking.
Here are three methods that you can use in your marketing strategy for effective and better results.

●    Pharmacy bags Instead of Mall Advertising Cost:

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Pharmacy bag advertisements will be good for increased and better output. You can print your advertisement on them and deliver them to your selected pharmacy stores. When people get their medicines in pharmacy bags, they will be more attracted to the ad printed. It will increase the engagement and recall rate. You can add Augmented Reality (AR) into your advertisement to make it more visible and attractive. The AR will increase the visibility factor and attract people’s attention instantly. You could track how many people have watched your ads through AR advertisements.
Moreover, people would be able to experience your product. AR prices are less than mall advertising costs. They also provide more visible and effective results.

●    Sanitizing stations cost VS mall advertising cost:

Sanitizing station
Sanitizing station advertisements are a very smart and attractive method. You can show your advertisements on the sanitizing stations that are placed in public places. They are easily available to everyone, and this is the best way to spread the word about your brand. The attention of people will only be focused on the ad displayed on the sanitizing station while they are sanitizing their hands. Their prices are less than mall advertising costs. This will increase the rate of engagement. The method of advertising through sanitizing stations is radially increasing among advertising companies.

●    Printed material at medical offices VS Mall Advertising Cost

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Printed materials advertisements like cards, brochures, and flyers need more time and effort to print and distribute. It will show your commitment to your business and the authenticity of your brand. Digital ads have become very common and are everywhere. Because of that, people will like to read print advertisements for a change. Advertised printed materials at medical offices could be used as a distraction to keep people busy while they are waiting for their turn for a checkup. Moreover, they are cheap as compared to Mall advertising costs.

Concluding words

Adzze creates attractive ads to help people increase their brand awareness and achieve their final goal.  It is also now focusing on creating new and creative ads that are focused on healthcare.