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Geofencing Ads

Five Reasons Why Marketers Use Geofencing Ads

Geofencing ads refer to a form of location-based advertising. Therefore, the marketers can serve target consumers within a particular geographical location with personalized ads. The method has become a popular trend owing to the increased usage of mobile devices. Therefore, when a consumer enters a particular region, the geofence triggers an advert displayed on the consumer’s phone.
Historically, marketers sent geofencing ads via SMS. Today marketers push notifications to mobile devices used by the target audience. The push notifications can appear on social media platforms and web browsers. If deployed appropriately, geofencing ads bring tangible benefits to help carry your business into the future.

Geofencing advertisements

This post highlights reasons why marketers use geofencing ads.

1.   Provides a More Precisely Targeted Marketing

One of the benefits of using geofence ads is that keeping the geofence small allows the marketers to deploy a targeted marketing campaign. The approach enables the marketer to connect with the local audience on a personal level. That allows boosting the brand’s image with the potential audience. Besides, marketers can customize the geofence ads effectively. Therefore, the consumer receives ads in touch with their local lifestyle and topics relevant to the areas.

2.   Creates Precisely Targeted High-Quality Content Easily

Geofencing ads encourage marketers to construct content aimed at a particular geographical location. As you may know already, high-quality content reigns supreme as the best approach for improving your marketing success. With content that resonates with the specific consumer base, marketers can build a stronger brand image for their company within the targeted areas.

3.   Connects Marketers With Customers Most Likely To Purchase

Another top reason marketers are using geofencing ads is the ability to target high-quality customers. These are the customers living and working within a specific locality, and hence more likely to place orders. Local customers are the backbone of any business. With well-designed geofencing ads, marketers can reach these customers, convincing them to purchase.

4.   Deliver Timely content

Geofencing advertisements reach the audience while they are at the advanced stages of making a purchase. For instance, a marketer can target customers while they walk into a particular grocery store. Therefore, the marketer can communicate to the audience about their limited-time offers, attracting purchases.

5.   Cheap and Effective

Are you looking for an advertising method that is more effective in terms of cost and results? Try geofencing ads today! With location-based advertising, a local business with a limited marketing budget can reach the target audience effectively.

What is the Cost of Geofencing Ads?

The cost of geofencing ads depends on the features you need. For instance, advanced targeting can cost more based on the impressions generated.  Another factor is the size and the number of geofences. This can significantly affect the overall cost of deploying a geofencing advert.


We have looked at fundamental reasons why marketers are diverting their attention to geofencing ads. Generally, the approach allows marketers to deploy high-value adverts that generate a high return on investment.