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The emerging concept of advertising on sanitizer stand

The sanitizer stand provides a convenient way to provide sanitizing solutions, especially around public places. You will find hand sanitizer stands at the banking halls, municipality halls, colleges, public offices, hospitals, places of worship, among other places. The modern-day sanitizer stands feature a thoughtful design. The expertly designed stands feature a digital display that can be used by advertisers.
The hand sanitizer stand is used by many people on a daily basis. Thus, advertising on digital display gives marketers an edge when it comes to targeting consumers. This new form of advertising is gaining traction around the globe. This is based on its effectiveness in delivering customized advertised, and reaching the right audience. Thus, we can expect to see more as the trend gains traction.

How Advertising on Sanitizer Stands Works

Fortunately, the concept is not as complicated as it sounds. As illustrated, the modern sanitizer stands feature a digital display unit (Plasma, LCD, or other types of technology). The display unit is placed strategically and used to display adverts informational messages. The digital display units are available in different sizes, ensuring the rightful application in different places. Thus, once the sanitizer stand has been installed, the display unit is configured to ensure it is ready to display the adverts. The adverts can be delivered through a network or from a storage drive that connects to the display unit. These facts highlight the difference between traditional advertising methods and today’s digital advertising.

How exactly can advertising using sanitizer stands help a business?

The sanitizer stands advertising method offers unlimited benefits to businesses. Here is an overview of the benefits that your business can rip through sanitizer stand advertising.

Promotional Hand Sanitizer


The flexibility of the medium

The sanitizer stands allow marketers to think outside the box. Thus, the solutions open a world of possibilities. Therefore, marketing messages can be delivered in personalized approaches you never thought of before. For instance, if targeting customers within a rural setting, the adverts can be delivered in their native language, ensuring effective communication.

Eye-Catching Advertising Method

The glow of a digital display that sits beside a hand sanitizer stand draws the eyes naturally. In fact, when sanitizing the hands, chances are that the eyes are glued to the digital display reading the adverts that come up. Advertisers can use advanced skills to come up with appealing visuals to capture the user’s attention and maximize reach.

Cost-Effective Adverting Method

The sanitizer stand provides cost-saving benefits to your organization. The cost of designing the advert is reduced significantly. Moreover, businesses can deliver a targeted advertisement at a relatively cheaper cost.

Unmatched versatility

Advertising on sanitizer stands allows the advertisers to vary their layout as needed. This allows for effective targeting, which is important when it comes to ensuring a high conversion rate. Since the digital displays on the sanitizer stands can be networked together, it is possible to make changes across all the advertising stations in one go.

What about the Return on Investment?

When considering an advertising method, a common question is what is the return on investment? With the sanitizer stand as your advertisement method, you are assured that the advert is delivered to a high number of people. This is considering that a majority of people walking into and out of a shopping mall will want to sanitize their hands. In that regard, the reach is enormous. The expectation is that brand awareness will begin to grow at a high rate. Moreover, the demand for services or products will increase. In the end, the business attains a high return on investment.
Adzze is building capabilities and we will soon start offering sanitizer advertising. For more information on sanitizer stand advertising, contact us.