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Costs of Placemat Advertising

Costs of Placemat Advertising vs. Traditional Media

Placemat advertising has become one of the most effective targeting methods used by brands. Compared to putting up billboards and advertising on subways, the low costs of placemat advertising have been a significant reason why brands prefer the advertisement method. So, what is placemat advertising, and how does it compare to the use of billboards?
Placemat advertising refers to the printing of ads on placemats. Advertisers often use the restaurants’ approach where the local businesses pay to have their adverts placed on the restaurant tables. Therefore, the cost of placemat advertising results in higher returns on investment. This is considering that the advertisers will reach a higher local audience, who in most cases will convert into buyers.

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The placemat advert is often printed on a card size medium and contains relevant messages to attract the audience into taking the desired action. The message can include a small graphic showing the brand’s offering, business phone number, address, and possibly a few lines describing the products or the business.

Cost of Placemat Advertising Compared to Billboards

The placemat adverts are easy to design, compared to the cost of putting up a billboard. The cost of Advertising using billboards depends on the billboard’s size and the location of billboard placement. On the other side, the cost of placemat advertising is relatively lower. Consider that all you need is to approach the restaurant of your choice in the case of placemat advertising and arrange with them to advertise on their tables or other locations. In most cases, the cost of placemat advertising is negligible compared to the returns generated.  Therefore, advertisers prefer placemat advertising based on the low cost associated.
Why is Placemat Advertising More Effective Compared to Traditional Advertising Methods?

Effective Audience Targeting

Placemat advertising is the most effective targeting method. Consider that if the advertiser is specific where their advertisers hang out most of the time, they can target them effectively. For instance, if the owner of a local salon is targeting students at a local university, he can do placemat advertising at the college cafeteria. Thus, the advertiser can deliver the message to the target audience, as they take lunch and refreshments. In that regard, placemat advertising becomes the most straightforward advertising approach for delivering your brand to your target audience’s eyes.

Low Cost of Placemat Advertising

Are you a new business struggling to raise enough funds to put up a billboard in town? Consider switching to the placemat advertising method instead of the expensive billboard advertising method. The cost of placemat advertising is friendlier for new and established businesses. All you need is to approach a local business and request to place branded mats within locations where their customers can see the advert.


The medics are gaining control over the Coronavirus pandemic. With the release of vaccines, we are seeing people going back to the restaurants. Take advantage of placemat advertising’s low costs to target the patrons as they return to their favorite entertainment joints after the pandemic.  At Adzze, we have built the capacity and helping businesses when it comes to placemat advertising. Contact us today for prices and no-obligation consultation when it comes to placemat advertising.