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Advertising Balloon

Advertising Balloon is Crucial to Your Business. Learn More Here!

As the economy gets back to normal following the slow down caused by the pandemic, business owners are targeting effective advertising methods. This is considering that the traditional methods of advertising are no longer effective, as people chose to work from home and avoiding the crowded streets. Therefore, chances are that the traditional advertising methods will no longer work, as people choose to confine to their homes and restrict themselves only to necessary travel. In that regard, it is important that businesses look for the advertising methods that will help them to reach the target audience. The simple answer to ensuring effective advertising is using the ambient advertising methods.
Ambient advertising refers to placement of advertisements on unusual locations. Therefore, the intention is to capture the attention of your target audience. To understand the concept, we look at a good example of ambient advertising, which is big balloon advertising.

What is Big Balloon Advertising and how does the Concept Work?

Big balloon advertising is printing of business logo on a big balloon and releasing the balloon to the air. The advertisers can use this approach especially in busy streets or around the residential areas and the shopping areas.  Being unusual advertising method, the big balloon advertising will attract the attention of onlookers, and ensures the advertisement reaches thousands of people across the streets.

Big Balloon Advertising


What Are the Benefits of using Big Balloon Concept?

To understand why the big balloon advertising is a good advertising approach, we look at some of the top benefits of deploying advertisements through the method.

1.      Attracts Instant Attention

Ambient advertising is a successful advertising method, and this is because the approach will capture the attention of target audience. Being an attention grabbing advertising method, there is a higher chance that you reach more people compared to reach through use of billboards. Therefore, for quick advertising method and for promotional campaigns targeting particular audience, balloon advertising is the recommended approach. The recommendation is because of the ability of this advertising method to cinch attention quickly.

2.      Creates Lasting Impressions

Attention grabbing is important, but it is nothing is your promotional method does not create a lasting impression. Therefore, advertisers need to target the advertising method that enables them to target potential buyers, and create a lasting impression in the buyer’s minds. Use colorful balloons and ensure the message is attention grabbing, and reaches the target audience.

3.      Cost Effective Advertising Method

Another reason big balloon advertising is good is because the advertising method is cost effective. Compared to the use of billboards and advertising on subways, the use of big balloon concept is cost effective. at a fraction of the cost of paying for the billboards placed at the busy roundabouts, you can have big balloon advertising at several shopping malls around the city.


Are you looking for the best advertising methods to deploy your marketing campaigns? Check out the big balloon advertising method. The approach is effective and costs less money compared to the cost of deploying the traditional advertising methods. At Adzze, we have built the capacity required to run effective ambient advertising. Thus, for effective big balloon advertising, come to Adzze.