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The Advertising Bus: Here Are Reasons This Tactic Is Obsolete

Advertising Bus wont be the same.

The advertising bus was one of the main modes of advertising that were most effective. It was advertising that got you by surprise but at the same time, naturally fitting. The car would go round and round ensuring that it got the maximum number of viewers. Bus advertisements enhanced the promotion of local companies. The use of buses gives an advert a local context which in return improves brand engagement. This will reaffirm the same message being shown on TV or heard on the radio. Advertising buses are totally visual and cannot be avoided but at the same time, there is a disruption that makes this method obsolete.

The new normal and how it affects bus shelter advertising

Bus shelter advertising is an OOH method. This means that it greatly relies on passing the message to the masses. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what was the norm for all consumers. OOH ad spending is already experiencing the negative global impact. Social distancing and isolation measures put in place mean that bus shelter advertising cannot cover larger areas or even reach a large number of people. Consumers in States which have reported a high number of COVID -19  are actively avoiding public spaces and gathering. People are spending most of their time indoors. No one will be out there staring at an advertising bus.

Empty bus stop shelters

The United States has reported more than 1.1 million confirmed cases with at least 68,000 deaths. According to the WHO, the single-day death toll in the US is 2909. Experts have also warned against reopening the economy soon. What does this translate to? Bus stop shelters will remain empty and even if they were to be occupied, 2 or 3 people would be the total number. This makes zero economic sense to the advertiser. No one will be waiting at the bus stop at the risk of contracting COVID-19.

No more bus bench ads

Businesses that have not fully exploited the power of going virtual will definitely feel a huge negative impact during the pandemic. The advertising model has experienced a paradigm shift to indoor and in-home. Bus bench ads or an advertising bus can no longer communicate to consumers who know that the virus survives on surfaces, clothes, and in the air. As an advertiser, you should opt for other marketing methods that will help flatten the curve, inform your consumers, and make them have solid trust in you.