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Funny Advertising

Why You Need Funny Advertising

Funny advertising, or humor in marketing, is a tried and tested advertising strategy. The approach is impressive for businesses wanting to make sure their marketing campaigns are impactful and memorable for audiences. The concept is quite simple. Ideally, tapping into what makes the target audience to laugh could create a more meaningful relationship with your brand and the target audience. However, just like other marketing techniques, deploying funny advertising requires creativity. Do not be surprised to learn that some marketers will try funny advertising only to realize a huge letdown. In that regard, it always helps making sure you are engaging an expert to help you in deploying the funny advertising techniques.

What are the Advantages of Funny Advertising?

Funny Advertising Campaigns

1.      Memorable Advertisements

Funny advertising methods are more memorable and unconventional by nature. Ideally, the funny advertising methods feature the ability to leave a lasting impression on the consumers. When deployed successfully, the funny advertising leaves the target audience laughing and amazed. Therefore, they would want to come back and learn more about the products or the services. For that reason, funny advertising helps to develop brand recalling, whenever the targeted audience goes back to make a purchase or when making the purchasing decision.

2.      Low Budget Advertising Method

The funny advertising campaigns feature a low budget requirement, as they rely heavily on unconventional methods for reaching the consumer. In that regard, advertises consider funny advertising to be a cost-effective approach for reaching their target audience. This is compared to how much it costs to put up an advertisement on a billboard, or even on the subways. In that regard, if you are looking for a cost effective approach of reaching the target audience, we recommend that you go for funny advertising approach.

3.      Creates Viral Adverts

Another top reason why funny advertising is important for your business is that it offers the advertisers a great opportunity for creating adverts that will go viral. In today’s  marketing environment, advertisers are leveraging on technology to help them deploy viral marketing campaigns. In that regard, creating impressive videos that will go viral can be a huge way of ensuring your marketing campaigns will go viral for instance, sharing funny video on TikTok can generate a wide reach as the platform users share the video widely. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve success through viral marketing campaigns, we advise that you try the funny advertising techniques.

4.      Build Partnerships

Funny advertising relies on everyday situations to create full effect. Therefore, you will often collaborate with the local businesses, organizations or even shopping mall owners to produce an effective campaign. That means that you can build partnerships and target the ideal audience more easily.


Funny advertising creates funny and memorable campaigns. The successful funny adverts elicit strong emotions in the target consumers. Moreover, some ads may even shock or frighten the target audience. In that regard, it helps if you collaborate with an experienced advertising company to create effective funny advertising campaigns. At Adzze, we have built the capacity required to deliver successful a funny advertising campaigns. Talk to us to organize how you can deploy the funny adverts effectively.