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define guerilla marketing

Why Marketers are trying to define guerilla marketing here the truth!

Do you still rely on traditional advertising methods? With the Covid-19 pandemic, chances are that you are no longer reaching a wide audience. Consequently, you may be experiencing a lower return on investment. Do not worry because Guerilla marketing can turn around your current situation, ensuring high returns while consuming a lower marketing budget. Therefore, in this post, we seek to define guerilla marketing. As we proceed, we shall illustrate why guerilla marketing has more potential compared to traditional advertisements. At a later stage, I shall illustrate guerilla marketing using techniques that have worked in the past.

What is Guerilla Marketing?

Unlike conventional marketing approaches, guerilla marketing means going after the conventional goals of profits, sales, and growth. Therefore, guerilla marketing features approaches that expand offerings during hard economic times. This is through inspiring customers to increase the size of each purchase, using unexpected advertising methods.
Guerilla marketing requires a proper investment of time, energy, and creativity to maximize profits. The approaches involve geometrical growth by enlarging the size of each transaction. Besides, the guerilla marketing tactics focus on tapping on the enormous referral power of the current customers, through powerful tactics. Ultimately, creative marketing approaches help businesses to grow sales and expand their profitability.

Why is Guerilla Marketing More Effective Than Traditional Marketing Approaches?

Now that we have defined guerilla marketing, let us look at some of the reasons why guerilla marketing is more effective than traditional marketing methods.

1.  Allows the Marketers to Zero in the Target Market

Rather than trying to serve everyone, guerilla marketing is all about aiming at a segment of the market that feels to be more effective. Therefore, guerilla marketing makes it easier to reach the target audience.

2.  Guerilla Marketing is a Low Budget Advertising Approach

When it comes to advertising, budget is a key factor. Therefore, marketers focus on approaches that minimize the overall cost while achieving greater returns on investment. Ideally, guerilla marketing is done at a much lower price compared to traditional marketing methods.

3.  Wider Audience

Guerilla marketing uses the viral reach strategy. Therefore, an advert on a pizza top will reach a wide audience making it an effective advertisement method.

4.  High Return on Investment

The reason guerilla marketing delivers a high return on investment is that it is a low-cost method of marketing that reaches a wider audience.

Why Guerilla Marketing is the Way To go After the Pandemic

With the Covid-19 Pandemic, the traditional methods of advertising no longer reach a wide audience. Consequently, advertisers who rely on billboards and subways, are forced to print more adverts targeting the places of residence, in a bid to reach a wide audience. Eventually, the overall cost of advertising has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, people are opting to stay indoors and only go out when and where necessary. Therefore, there is no guarantee that traditional advertising methods will deliver returns on investment.
Unlike traditional advertising, guerilla marketing delivers adverts to the hands of the target audience. Eventually, the approach is much more effective, than broadcasting a message through subway and billboards advertising.

What are the examples of Guerilla Advertising?

The five classic examples of guerilla marketing include:
Advertising on pharmacy bags

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

Printing adverts on coffee sleeves

coffee sleeves advertising

Bar coaster advertising

Coaster Advertising

Adverts on door hangings

Door Hanger Advertising


Pizza toppers advertising

Advertising on Pizza Boxes - define guerilla marketing

Through either of the above approaches or a combination of them, marketers can reach a wider audience, increase sales, and ensure more profitability.


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