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NYC Subway Advertising

This new approach is replacing NYC subway advertising

NYC subway advertising. Advertisers in New York City. Talk to Adzze for designing and deploying the advertisement approaches discussed in this post.
Advertisers in New York City are among those feeling the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic globally. The pandemic has left the traditional advertising methods obsolete. For instance, the NYC subway advertising is no longer giving the high rate of return on investment as it used to, before the pandemic. To understand why NYC advertising is no longer the cup of tea for advertisers, we evaluate the different ways the pandemic has affected the advertising industry.

Incorporated Augmented Reality to Subway Advertising

Now you can include Augmented Reality (AR) to your advertising materials adding life to your ads. Augmented reality marketing allows branded materials to be scanned, viewed and virtually augmented to make typically static elements more dynamic. For example, a business card can use Augmented Reality to provide a variety of contact options when scanned, or a brochure can be used as a virtual gateway to highlight information being conveyed with video.

Why Advertising with AR - Door Hanger Advertisements

The growth of Augmented Reality has opened a new window of opportunity that marketers can embrace to improve customer experiences. Augmented Reality enables brands to provide to their customers unique and engaging experiences. AR marketing uses interactive elements that aid how we deliver marketing campaigns. if you are wondering how AR can help you in marketing your brand, you have come to the right page.

Augmented Reality to Backpack Billboard

Stay At home Protocols Affect Advertising Industry

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is urging people to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel. Therefore, we see less traffic on the streets of New York. The stay-at-home guidelines have resulted in a low number of people who are interacting with the billboards and the adverts on the subways. Therefore, we are seeing a lower rate of return on the adverts, as the conversion rate from the traditional advertising method sees a sharp decline.

Less Travel Means Less Traffic at the Subways

The subways have become a low traffic area, and the adverts no longer reach many people. Therefore, the effect is that the adverts do not generate a high rate of conversions. Eventually, advertisers end up spending  money paying for the advertising space, which they are not sure of getting returns.
We have seen that the traditional advertising methods like NYC subway advertising no longer work. Therefore, for advertisers to keep generating a higher number of conversions, it is important they focus on better advertising methods with a high potential for reaching a wider audience. The secret is to advertise using COVID compliant approaches.

 Approaches To Ensure Wider Reach During the Covid-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Are you experiencing a lower audience and a lower rate of return when advertising through different approaches? Here are Covid sensitive advertisement methods to substitute NYC subway advertising.

a) Advertising on Sanitization Stations

Advertising on Sanitization Stations
We see sanitization stations have been introduced at different parts of the city. In addition, the local government and the health officials are calling on people to sanitize regularly as a way to curb the spread of Coronavirus. The sanitization booths present a window of opportunity to reach the target audience as they come in to sanitize.

b) Advertising on Door Hangers

Door Hanger Advertising

Another effective substitute to the NYC subway advertising is printing advertisements on the door hangers. Essentially, the approach involves placing the door hangers at the doorknobs so as to reach the homeowners, who are the target audience. Therefore, this is an advertising approach that presents a huge opportunity to reach dozens of new customers.

c) Advertising on Pizza Toppers

Advertising on Pizza Box
The approach is similar to advertising on the door hangers. An advertisement is printed on the pizza toppers, and the toppers are shipped to selected pizzerias. As pizza is delivered to customers, the advertisement is presented to them, and right into their hands.



There are different creative advertisement approaches that can be used in place of the no longer effective NYC subway advertising. Talk to Adzze for designing and deploying the advertisement approaches discussed in this post.