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Advancements Of AR Promotion

Innovating Your Marketing With AR Promotion

In the world of innovations and advancements, Augmented Reality (AR) has set its foot and become the hottest trend. AR promotion proves to be very beneficial for marketing as it helps customers experience what it’s like to use the product. With AR promotion, marketers can build a strong and dependable relationship with their potential customers by allowing them to try out their products virtually from the comfort of their own home, rather than going to the store.
With a touch of the virtual digital element, in AR promotion, marketers and agencies can use their creativity to design powerful ads that allow customers to experience the product by trying it out virtually. It is just like a video game that enables the customer to try different products like clothes, glasses, jewelry, etcetera without leaving the comfort of their home. Moreover, it helps build an emotional connection with customers and increases brand awareness.

AR Advertising Agency

Talking about media, it has been observed that 67% of media planners and buyers strategize to incorporate AR and VR into their digital marketing campaigns to increase customer traffic. Furthermore, research by vibrant media stated that 67% of buyers and media planners want AR/VR ads to be added to digital campaigns because of their significant role in increasing purchases and customers.

Advancements Of AR Promotion

Many publications are now advancing with the latest technology to bring print media back to life. The publishing industry is now using augmented reality to attract readers. For example, Vespa produced a printed magazine campaign ad using AR in which readers could scan the page and create a customized scooter by selecting colors of their likeness. QR codes can help attract more customers to AR promotions, as QR codes are very easy to understand and use. The traditional advertising methods, like OOH using AR promotion, have significantly increased customer traffic.

Advancement of print media

AR Print Advertisement
Print media, including newspapers, magazines, flyers, and posters, go way back. Detaching from it and switching to digital media may not be a wise decision. With some creativity and innovation, print media can come to life. Creating magazines or newspapers using augmented reality that can be scanned and lead to a particular product just by using a smartphone’s camera would be one of the endless ways to evolve print media.

Advantages of AR advertisement

Augmented reality (AR) has earned quite fame in the advertisement because of its useful benefits. Marketers and agencies are hopping on AR promotions to get the best of its advantages.

Advertising with Augmented Reality (AR)

Here are some advantages of AR promotion:

·   Fun and exciting experience:

AR promotion has been proven to be very attractive and interactive. With AR, users can experience the product virtually, giving them a unique and exciting experience. Snapchat users testing different filters and lenses are the best examples of companies using AR promotion.

·   High engagement:

Using creativity in AR Ads can increase engagement and increase brand awareness. The catchiest ad using AR will attract more people, and then experiencing it virtually will help your customers connect to your brand deeply, thus resulting in high engagement.

·   Enable tracking:

AR enables marketers to keep track of the interaction on the AR campaigns. Marketers can measure the success of an ad campaign by checking the number of scans.

Concluding words:

AR promotions are a leading trend, and people are adapting to them as they are very attractive, catchy, and easy to use. To make your brand stand out, it is essential to offer distinctive products and services from your competition. Collaborating with AR advertising agencies would help marketers to opt for the right AR option.