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Billboard Advertising

Here the Reasons of a Billboard’s Cost Increase

The global Covid-19 pandemic distracted business operations in a huge way. Advertisers focusing on traditional advertising methods like the billboards were among the worst hit. This is following the decreased demand for billboard advertising. Following the invent of Coronavirus vaccine, we are seeing businesses resuming normal operations. Thus, people are going back to the offices, and the traffic within the cities is back to normal. That means the demand for billboard advertising space will keep increasing. Consequently, we expect billboard advertising cost increase. The billboard advertising cost increase will be because advertisers are looking to gain back the market, and so demand for billboards space will get high.
Billboards is not the best option for these marketers to get brand message to the target audience. Here are good reasons to support this argument.

Lacks Effective Targeting

One reason not to use billboards is that it is targeting is not as easy compared to other forms of advertising. Consider that moving a billboard to a new location is expensive and time consuming. However, relocating the bar coaster adverts costs less and less time is spent. Therefore, billboard advertising is not effective

Short Attention span

Billboard advertising agencies target the roadside and busy roundabouts. Consider that road users are often focusing on their destination, and so likely to miss seeing the billboard. However, coffee sleeves are held by hand, and attract direct attention from the target audience.


Billboards cost 7X compared to in-hand advertising. Thus, the method is not effective for businesses with smaller marketing budget.
Therefore, in-hand advertising is the best alternative when it comes to delivering the advertisement messages to the right audience, at a friendlier price and ensures greater attention span compared to billboards. Here are different in-hand advertising methods for your next campaign.

Sanitizing stations

Sanitizer Dispenser Displays
Advertising on sanitizing stations involves print and digital adverts. You can wrap the sanitizing station with a printed advertisement, or choose to run a digital advert. Sanitizing stations with digital screens allow you to display different variations of the same advert to ensure effective targeting.

Coffee Sleeve Marketing

Advertising Coffee Cups - Coffee Sleeve Vaccine
The coffee shops are open to the public, and using the coffee sleeves to target the right audience can be the best advertisement method, rather than paying for a billboard. Coffee sleeve marketing delivers the adverts in a local language, ensuring more effective targeting.

Pizza Box Marketing

Pizza Box Advertising
Have you heard of advertising on pizza boxes? The approach involves printing brand logo and advertisement message on the pizza boxes. The advertiser partners with the local pizzeria, who use the pizza boxes when delivering the orders. Therefore, the message will reach the target audience effectively.

Door Hanger Marketing

Door Hanger vs Billboard Advertising
Advertising on door hangers involves printing high-quality adverts and distributing them to the selected homesteads. The adverts reach the target audience, and achieve a greater attention span.

Bar Coaster Advertising

Bar coaster
The approach involves printing brand logo on the bar coasters. Bar coasters is a highly targeted advertising method.


We have looked at some of the top advertising methods. for the best advertising, talk to Adzze.