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Shopping Cart Advertising

Creative Shopping Cart Advertising Examples

Are you looking for an advertising method that creates a continuous brand exposure throughout the shopper’s trip? Try creative shopping cart-advertising examples to achieve a high conversion rate. Small businesses can leap the benefits of shopping cart-advertising examples. However, the benefits will come in if your business is applying the concept creatively.  First, let us look at how the concept of shopping cart advertising works.

What is shopping cart advertising?

The concept refers to the placement of advertisements on the shopping cart. The shopping carts are common in modern grocery stores. Shoppers use the shopping carts to hold groceries before checking out. Therefore, the shopping cart advertisements ensure a continuous brand exposure to the consumer using the shopping cart, and those around the store. Eventually, the shoppers will want to try the product they have seen on the shopping cart.
What Are the Advantages of Using Shopping Cart Advertising Examples To Reach Consumers?
To understand why various shopping cart advertising examples are effective when it comes to reaching the consumers, keep reading.

Shopping Cart Advertising Examples

1.     Provides Continued Brand Exposure

Shopping cart advertising features a continuous brand exposure throughout the shopper’s journey. The unbeatable brand exposure is captivating to the shoppers, hence increasing the chances of converting more sales. In fact, more people spend time more often in the supermarkets, while they are curious to discover the best brands. Therefore, putting up a shopping cart advertisement is the best way to achieve more brand exposure to your target audience. If the deployment is unique, you stand a great chance for achieving more sales and higher brand awareness.

2.     Cheaper Compared To Traditional Advertisement Methods

Another top reason to go for shopping cart advertising examples is the total costs involved. Ideally, a shopping cart advertisement will cost a fraction of how much it costs to run five minutes commercial on a national TV station. Considering that the brand exposure lasts throughout the shopping journey, it helps if businesses consider the shopping cart advertisement approach.

3.     Better Targeting

When you broadcast a TV commercial, the targeting is not as effective as it is when you choose the shopping cart advertising examples. Consider that with shopping cart advertising examples, you can target local shoppers, and place the advertisements at the grocery stores where they frequent. Therefore, apart from cost saving, you are reaching the right target audience. Often, targeting is based on location although you can target based on age and income levels.

4.     Helps with Ad Customization

Marketing through the various shopping cart advertising examples provides the opportunity to customize your advertisement. Ideally, where you are targeting certain audience, you would go an extra mile and find out what is the best way to customize the advertisement. Eventually, you attain better results compared to traditional advertising where targeting is difficulty.


We have looked at various reasons to deploy shopping cart advertising examples. At Adzze, we have built the capacity to deploy successful advertising through shopping carts. Our shopping cart advertising examples yield maximum returns to our customers. For an estimate and assessment of your advertisement requirements, contact us today.