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Adverts on Pizza Boxe

Creative Advertising Campaigns on Pizza Boxes

When is the last time you stopped to really notice a digital advertisement that “popped-up” whilst you scrolled through social media or the internet? Chances are you scrolled right past it. Along with digital adverts being recognized less and less, billboards are losing their attention too. This is because the COVID-19 pandemic has seen a greater number of people retaining their work-from-home dynamic. Advertising has taken a turn, and what was considered highly effective before COVID-19, is no longer far-reaching or making it near the target market it is aimed for. It calls for a risk-adjusted marketing strategy and some creative planning. Some companies have ignited their creativity and thought “outside-the-box” and have seen the opportunity to advertise on pizza boxes.

Pizza Box Advertisements

Some measures have been eased after hard lockdown through the pandemic and many restaurants have been allowed to facilitate takeaway orders. An especially popular option for take-aways is pizzas. Approximately 3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S each year. The open market for advertising on pizza boxes has been cleverly identified: it is the perfect way to deliver a message right into the hands of a brand’s target market.
An advertisement is printed on the pizza boxes and then shipped to the pizzerias of the brand or advertiser’s choice. The pizza boxes are delivered right into the hands of consumers, whether at the restaurant or their house. In either case, the pizza box will be in the customer’s home and research shows that on average 45 minutes of brand exposure is achieved. Often the pizza box will make its way into the fridge or sit on a tabletop, this generates increased exposure.

Pizza Box Advertisements - Creative Advertising Campaigns

How Effective Are Adverts on Pizza Boxes

With so many people working from home through the pandemic, it makes sense to take an advertisement directly to their houses. If pizzas are being ordered in, then why not send a message in with it? A premium brand message that is printed on the pizza box will be delivered right into the hands of the target market. What makes pizza box advertising so effective?
1. Memorable: Pizza box advertisements are surprisingly effective, and because it is so unique with longer periods of exposure, they are more memorable. Studies have shown that 8 out of 10 households remember the advertisement on a pizza box.
2. Cost-Effective: Advertising on pizza boxes is far cheaper than advertising on 1 billboard that will not be seen directly or as long as a pizza box advert. The cost of 1 billboard is equivalent to the allocation of 60,000 branded pizza boxes. The cost price of a pizza box advertisement is approximately $0.80 to $1.50 a unit.
3. Expansive Distribution: More people are interacting directly with the advertisement. A campaign can generate up to 1.8 million impressions a month.

Adzze is on it!

Adzze has identified and researched the opportunity of this ambient form of advertising and it fits right into their creative profile of campaign offerings. They have invested heavily in extending their capabilities to offer advertising on pizza boxes and on the pizza toppers too!