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Pizza Box Marketing

How Pizza Box Marketing Can Help With Your Awareness Campaign

Pizza box marketing is an advertising strategy which uses pizza box tops to convey messages about businesses, brands and events to a targeted audience. This system of advertising creativity places your brand’s logo and message on pizza boxes then relies on the rich networks of pizza delivery stores to send to take your marketing campaigns directly to the audience whenever they place orders for pizzas.

Pizza Box Marketing Concept

It is an in-home advertising concept which is cost-effective, highly-targeted, and generally appealing. The audience receives the ads in their hands.

How To Start Pizza Box Advertising

When planning your advertising strategy, think about how you want your customers to see your message. Pizza boxes are loved by most people and are a great way to show off your branding, product or service. When advertising on a pizza box, it can bring in more customers than any other format.

Benefits Of Pizza Box Marketing Concept

Some months back, the team at Adzze teamed up with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot) to raise awareness against driving under the influence of marijuana. In Kansas City where the campaign was run, it is a crime to drive under the influence of drugs. In addition to the risks of personal safety is a staggering statistics on the number of casualties that resulted from accidents caused by a “high” driver.
The Department consulted with Adzze to create an awareness campaign with the message “Don’t Drive High” boldly printed on the pizza boxes, along with accompanying graphics which stressed the message. In this case, an outline of a car with pizza wheels and a crunched front bumper from a recent impact was included to add a visual effect to the message. The effectiveness of this strategy is marked by the fact that most people who use marijuana are young people who also have a considerable appetite for pizzas. So, whenever they order a box within the city, the delivery is accompanied by the intended message printed on the pizza box.

Pizza box marketing

The benefits of pizza box marketing most can be seen in its targetability and ability to generate high impressions – these ads can hardly be missed by anyone. Secondly, it is delivered into the hands of the target audience. For small businesses that need to raise awareness about their businesses, run a promo, introduce a new product, or increase sales from their local communities, this method of advertising is cheaper and highly rewarding.
Pizza box advertising ensures that the right people are seeing your message. The Missouri Department of Transportation campaign reveals that without spending too much on random ads which may not be seen by the desired audience, organisations and brands can still raise awareness and generate more leads from prospective customers. Unlike billboards, digital, TV and print media advertising, pizza box tops have the potential for high retention in the memories of customers who see them. This is because the boxes are usually kept around for a while before they are disposed of.
As the advertising industry continues to drift towards better rewarding advertising techniques, methods such as pizza boxes, though unconventional, will become increasingly appealing to marketers because of the obvious edge it has over the other strategies. To get more information on how to leverage this strategy to build awareness for your event or business, click here to speak with our representative.