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Advertising on Tabletop Can Deliver High ROI

As businesses focus on reopening after the COVID—19 situations, the demand for brand advertisement is on all time high.  Business advertising and marketing campaigns will be a core focus as businesses aim to thrive in the future. Ambient advertising is one of the marketing strategies that businesses need to focus on. A good example of ambient advertising approaches is advertising on tabletop.

How Does Advertising on Tabletop Work?

As the name suggests, this refers to the placement of adverts on the tabletop. Therefore, when a customer walks into a restaurant or a bar sits down and places an order, they interact with the advertisement, while waiting for services. Hence, the advertisement attracts the attention of the target customers.
To ensure effectiveness, the advertiser identifies the refreshment joints frequented by the target audience. Thus, the advertiser prints attractive adverts and places these adverts on the tabletops within the restaurant or bar. As customers walk into the restaurant, they interact with the advertisements and they are more likely to buy from the brand.

Tabletop advertising

Therefore, we have seen that tabletop advertising is an effective method, and generates a high return on investment. The question is, why does advertising on tabletop help advertisers to generate a high ROI? Here are top reasons advertising on tabletop will generate higher ROI for your business.

Costs Less than Typical Advertisement Methods

One of the main reasons why advertising on tabletops generates a high ROI is that it is a cost effective form of advertising. Therefore, you will find that overtime, less expense is associated with putting up advertisements on tabletops. In the end, the returns remain high.

Repeated Advertising Hence People Are Likely to Purchase

People need to see an advertisement more than one time for it to sink into their minds. Therefore, as the advertisement is appearing repeatedly, there are greater chances for attracting the target audience and converting them into buyers. More sales with less costs of advertising mean a higher return on investment.

Higher Potential for Building your Brand

As customers see your advertisement message several times, an image of your brand remains in their minds. Therefore, whenever they are after the benefits or satisfaction offered by your brand, products or service, the image appears into their mind, hence they think of your products or services and even go ahead to purchasing. In the end, the advertiser will enjoy higher returns on investment.

Exposure and absorption

Another top reason why advertising on tabletop generates a high ROI is the ability to catch people during the most relaxed time of the day. Therefore, while the patrons enjoy their meals or favorite drink, there is a greater ability for absorbing the message. The next time they go out shopping or want to enjoy a service or a product they will remember the advert.


We have looked at top reasons why advertising on tabletops generates a high ROI. Are you looking for the best advertising methods for higher ROI? Tabletop advertising is the way to go. Talk to Adzze for design and deployment of the best tabletop advertising methods. At Adzze, we focus on creating the best advertisements ideas for maximum return on investment.