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Tabletop Ads

Top Reasons Marketers Use Tabletop Ads

When it comes to choice of advertisement method, it is all about ensuring the approach generates maximum interactions, creating the potential for increased sales and ultimately a higher ROI. Therefore, advertisers have to choose the best methods of advertising. Ambient advertising is becoming the best approach for reaching more audience especially post the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why Typical Advertisement Methods No Longer work

Consider that typical advertising methods like use of billboards and subway advertising no longer attract a high traffic. This is following the advisories issued by the center for disease control and prevention, in conjunction with state and territory governments.
The measures call for restrictions to only essential travel, and avoiding overcrowded places. Therefore, Americans opt to work from home, while majorities are considering private means of travel. As a result, there has been a negative impact on the traditional advertisement methods.
Therefore, ambient advertising is the best approaches for reaching the target customers post the pandemic. One of the best ambient advertising approaches is using tabletop ads. The tabletop ads refer to printed advertisement messages displayed on tabletops often found in high-traffic restaurants and bars. Therefore, even with the restrictions on the number of people allowed at a restaurant or bars in one given time, the tabletop ads still generate a high conversion.

Why do Businesses Prefer Tabletop Ads?

The tabletop ads have become a popular approach for reaching the target audience, and this is based on the methods high potential. In this post, we look at top reasons businesses are using tabletop ads.

Generates High Brand Exposure

Advertisers using tabletop ads generate a high message absorption rate. Ideally, the advertisement message is delivered to people while they are relaxed, and likely to concentrate on what comes to their way. Let us compare the tabletop ads to digital advertising. In the case of digital advertising, the advertiser is attempting to distract a focused person while they are researching the internet or reading an important email. The chances of message absorption in such a scenario remain minimal.
On the other side, tabletop ads reach the target audience while at a relaxed environment. Under such circumstances, the audience will absorb the advertisement message effectively. It is obvious that advertisers are looking for methods that result in higher exposure and message absorption.

Low cost Advertising Method

Compared to typical advertisement methods, (billboards, subway, television and radio), tabletop ads is a cheaper advertising method. The cost of putting up tabletop ads is a fraction of how much you would pay to advertise on a local television channel. Likewise, the cost of putting up ads on billboards is multiple of how much it costs to advertise on tabletops. We believe that businesses deserve exposure at a low cost, thus, the reason for tabletop ads.

Higher ROI

Tabletop Ads cost less, but generate higher brand exposure and advertisement message absorption. Eventually, the business generates more sales resulting in higher returns on the investment. Therefore, more businesses have opted to keep it tabletop ads in place of typical advertising methods.


We have looked at top reasons businesses opt for tabletop ads. Are you considering making the move to tabletop ads? Talk to Adzze for deployment of tabletop ads for your business. We have built the capacity required to deploy tabletop ads for your business.