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how marketers do ads in subways

The pandemic changed the way how marketers do ads in subways

The global pandemic has left a huge impact on different sectors of the economy. We see the advertisement industry has become one of the worst affected. The effects of the pandemic on the advertising industry have been on those businesses relying on the traditional ads subways, and the other OOH advertising approaches. Therefore, there is a serious concern about how we can improve the advertisements. But before we look at the different approaches that can help advertisers to reach a wider audience, we evaluate the effects of the pandemic on the advertising industry. Keep reading to understand.

The pandemic Has forced People To Adopt the Work From Home Approach

There is no doubt that the huge percentage of people traveling through the subways were people commuting to work.  Today, we are seeing companies urging people to work remotely. This is in an effort to minimize the possibility of their staff contracting the Coronavirus while they commute through subways. While this may appear to be a good move, it has left a negative impact on the advertising industry. The adverts on the subway no longer generate a high impression rate. Consequently, there has been a low rate of return on advertising investment.

Only Essential Travel!

Another approach used to curb the spread of Coronavirus is urging people to stick only to essential travel. In other words, people no longer travel for leisure. Therefore, there is a huge drop in the impression created through the different advertising approaches. As a result, advertisers are forced to seek alternative advertising methods.
Essentially, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused people to stay at home, and avoid none essential travel. Therefore, Ads subway no longer generates high impressions. In that regard, it has become necessary to look for ways that can increase the number of conversions. Here is an overview of the best approaches that advertisers can use to generate more impressions and earn higher conversions during the pandemic.

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

The approach entails printing advertisements on the pharmacy bags. The pharmacy bags are sent to the selected pharmacies, where they are used when packaging drugs and other items bought by the customers. Eventually, the target audience is reached.

Pharmacy Bag Advertising

Pizza box advertising

Advertising on pizza toppers has become a great approach for reaching the target audience. The pizza boxes are sent to selected pizzerias and used to package pizza that is to be delivered to the selected high-quality audience.

Pizza Box Top Advertising

Door Hangers

Another safe advertising method to reach an audience while at home is printing adverts on the door hangers. Therefore, the door hangers are placed on the doorknobs of the target audience. Eventually, the advertisement is sent to the target audience.

Door Hanger Advertising


Are you looking for the best approach to advertise during the pandemic? Try the methods we have outlined in this post. Through these advertisement methods, it becomes possible to reach the target audience. At Adzze, we are helping our customers to reach their target audience through creative advertisement methods. Contact us today for top advice when it comes to ambient marketing.