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Med Spa Marketing

Med Spa Marketing: 5 Creative Tactics to Reach Your Customer

Medical spas have become popular in the recent years. In fact, the 2019 medical spa state of the industry report indicated that the medical spa industry is a fast growing industry.

Why has the medical spa industry experienced a rapid growth?

Unlike the traditional spas, the medical spas provide procedures that average spas cannot perform. This includes the supervision by the plastic surgeon or the dermatologist to ensure a successful procedure. Besides, the medical spas provide the best of relaxation and procedures performed by experts. Therefore, the medical spas have become so popular among men and women.
With increased competition and gain in popularity, the owners of medical spas ought to ensure effective marketing of their services. By coming up with creative advertising techniques, it is possible to reach a wider target audience, and maximize profits.  Med spa marketing can no longer depend on the traditional techniques.

Why the Conventional Medical Spas marketing Methods No Longer Work

Challenges Brought By The Pandemic

One of the top reasons why the traditional medical spas marketing techniques are no longer reliable is the pandemic. With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading like wildfires, governments are calling on people to stay at home. Therefore, we your medical spas marketing techniques can no longer depend on billboards or subways advertising. The medical spa marketing executives should look for approaches that enable them to reach wider audience while at home.

Risk of Not Reaching The Target Audience

Placing a billboard on the highways does not guarantee you the ability to reach high quality audience. It is important for the medical spa marketers to rethink their marketing strategy, to focus on reaching a high-quality audience. This is considering that more people have chosen to avoid unnecessary travel.

Lower Conversion Rates

With the Coronavirus control measures and the risk of not reaching the right target audience, it is obvious that medical spas are likely to experience lower conversion rates if they keep using the traditional advertising methods. Therefore, this is ineffective utilization of your marketing budget.
Based on the above challenges, it is obvious that the med spa-marketing professionals need to rethink their marketing efforts. Here are more creating marketing techniques that work during the pandemic, and will help you to achieve a high conversion rate.

Advertising on Pharmacy Bags

a) Advertising on Pharmacy Bags
One of the top techniques to help the medical spas to reach target audience is advertising on pharmacy bags. Printing marketing messages on the pharmacy bags is an in-hand advertising technique that will help to reach the high-quality customers.

Advertising on Sanitizers

Another in-hand advertising technique is placement of the adverts on the sanitizers. Thus, as the target audience uses the hand sanitizer, they get to know about your brand and the services offered.

Coffee Sleeves Advertising

Your potential customers could be coffee patrons at the coffee joints near you! Why not advertise your brand on the coffee sleeves to get the message to them? As they hold their coffee, they are getting your brand known to those next to them.

Advertising on Hand Sanitization Stations

The shopping malls have built hand sanitization stands at the entry and the exit points. As CDC continues to sensitize people on the importance of sanitizing their hands, these sanitization booths have become high traffic areas. Thus, advertising on the sanitization booths with display screens has become a popular approach.

Ads on Sanitizing Displays

Pizza Box Top Advertising

Another in-hand advertising approach that is best for med spas is placement of advertisements on the pizza box tops. The approach works effectively, where the target audience are pizza lovers. Thus, consider printing the logo of your brand on the pizza box. This is an effective advertising approach with a potential to reach a wide audience.
Therefore, the in-hand advertising techniques are effective approaches that med spa marketers need to try. The techniques have proven to be so effective and helped businesses to prosper.
At Adzze marketing, we provide the best in-hand advertising techniques for your business. This includes the top marketing approaches discussed above. Contact us today for creative approaches to reach your target audience.