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golf course advertising

Golf Course Advertising: How to Reach an Affluent Audience

Golf Course Advertising: learn more about it. You can place your brand on golf course and make them alive with Augmented

Creative advertising does not limit itself to traditional media. Today, advertisers are increasing their focus on non-traditional mediums due to the shifting dynamics insofar as advertising is concerned. Unconventional mediums like golf course advertising, offers a unique opportunity for advertisers to target a particular type of audience precisely.

Golf Course Advertising

What you should know about golf course advertising

The golf industry is one of the most exclusive in the world, one that attracts the who is who’s of any society. In California alone, the total economic output of the industry is an overwhelming $15.1 billion. Between 2006 and 2018, the number of participants in the US golf industry was approximately 24.2 million. It speaks to the popularity of a game that many wrongly believe is unpopular.
Interestingly, golfing is a crowd puller. For instance, The Masters attracts close to 50,000 patrons daily. This considerable crowd offers an excellent opportunity to market your brand. Further, the crowd is quite exclusive and affluent, which means their propensity to spend is high. Affluent audiences are the bulwark of successful businesses. Leveraging golf course events is an excellent opportunity to tap into the affluent consumer market. This valuable audience prefers deep relationships with brands, which can only be attained through intense and creative marketing campaigns.

What is Golf Course Advertising?

Golf course advertising is one of the most effective ways to reach affluent audiences. Advertising on golf courses is a touchy subject. Golf courses are an excellent place to promote your business. You can easily promote your brand by advertising on golf courses. This article will give you the ins and outs of what golf courses are, how you can use them for advertising and the many ways you can advert! Are you looking to advertise on a golf course or golf club? Read our tips on how to advertise on a golf course so effectively!

Incorporated Augmented Reality to Golf Course Ad

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows marketers to offer their target audience unique experiences in order to grab customers attention. AR advertisement has developed speedily over the past few years becoming interactive print Ads are trending in the form printed materials. If you are looking for a better and an effective way of reaching the target audience, and increasing Ad engagement rate, it is time you switch to AR Advertisements.

Advertising with Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality gives the user the opportunity to experience printing at a higher quality and more complex level. AR is an opportunity and a way to create interactive solutions for each subsequent enhanced advertising. According to statistics, 40% of consumers say they would pay more for a product that they could customize in AR (Augmented Reality). Besides, nearly 1 Billion people worldwide use AR in different application areas.

Ar how it works

Advantages of the golf course as a medium of advertising

Usually, golfing events are colorful. They include eye-catching posters and billboards whose aim is to capture as much attention as possible. Businesses that choose to advertise at golfing events can leverage this culture to reach as many customers as possible.
Secondly, the conversion rates generated from golf course advertising are high. As earlier discussed, the audience at golfing events are wealthy and have incredible readiness to purchase. It implies that with the right moves, you can get direct actions from ad campaigns at the golfing event. The results are faster and easier than anywhere else.
Additionally, the crowd that attends golfing events is exclusive and well defined. Golfers and golf fans are a high-value demographic whose annual income tops $100,000. Further, over 80% of golfers are executive managers or professionals in high-ranking positions. As such, advertisers have no problem identifying the exact audience they would like to reach and how to it. Further, this implies that advertisers have little to do in terms of due diligence for audience targeting. Ultimately, you get to build optimum brand engagement with little effort.


Pizza Box Advertising
There is a simpler and cheaper advertising medium called in-the-hand marketing. Clearly, golf-course advertising reaches a wider audience but without guarantee that the message reaches the exact target audience. Fortuitously, in-the-hand marketing is the answer to the targeting problem. This medium lays the ad before the eyes of the exact audience that you wish to reach. If, for example, you would like to advertise to college students, you can print pizza boxes and deliver them strategically. This could be a pizzeria within the college compound or within the vicinity of the college. Every time a student buys pizza, you get the opportunity to expose your brand.

Advertising on Sanitization Kiosks

Sanitization Stations - Viral Sales Kiosks
Placement of adverts on the sanitization kiosks is significant because of various reasons. To begin with, health experts are advocating on regular hand sanitization to avoid the spread of deadly viruses. Therefore, have been installed at various points, including entry and exits at the shopping malls.

Let’s bounce some ideas?

Are you looking for the best approach to reach your target audience? Leverage on the hand sanitization kiosks to provide the ad to your target audience. Adzze is building capabilities to start providing our clients such solutions. Therefore, to discuss your requirement, reach out to us.