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Branded Hand Sanitizer Stands

Branded Hand Sanitizer Stands Are The Newest Advertising Trend

The COVID-19 pandemic did bring along with it some good tidings when looked at from an advertiser’s perspective. At the outset, the wave of the pandemic was brutally harsh on the advertising industry. Right now, a closer look at things reveals that the hardship opened up new and affordable marketing solutions for businesses. One of these new advertising solutions is the use of branded hand sanitizer stands to display ads.
Quite unconventional, but effective at best; it is targeted and not random, and cost-effective. Quite recently, they have suddenly risen from obscurity to limelight.
The concept of using branded hand sanitizer stands is attractive and holds immense promise for business owners, especially those who can’t afford the cost of traditional OOH media. Typically, the sanitizers are placed in public places, where people can gain easy access to them. As they stretch out their hands for alcohol-based sanitizers, their attention is simultaneously caught with displays on the dispensers. The stands are often completely or partially decaled with the name and logo of the company sponsoring the sanitizer stand or paying to display its ads on it. Branding these sanitizer stands with ads is a new marketing option that has been growing exponentially among marketers. It is fairly new to the scene, but fast gaining in popularity.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Branded Hand Sanitizer Stands


Indoor Advertising with Sanitizing Stations

The process is fairly simple: You create your ad and mount them on hand sanitizer stands located around your city or business premises. This is so your local audience will be able to reach you without trouble. One thing worthy of note is that a lot of persons are going to come in contact with these sanitizer stands, so the number of your potential clients grows as well. In addition to this, studies show that quite a number of these people are willing to proceed to make purchases from the sponsoring company. This has been mainly due to the positive image the strategy creates for any business that adopts the strategy. In a time when health and hygiene are matters of public concern, people are readily endeared to organizations that promote public health.
To add more juice to it, the cost of rolling out this advertisement is pretty much on the low side, compared to the budget for several other traditional OOH marketing media solutions. The ROI, in this case, is also improved. To begin with, impressions generated in this case is undoubtedly higher. Upon considering the cost of mounting each unit – which is much cheaper – you’ll find that your business is sure to benefit from this method of advertising.
One particularly important reason why branded hand sanitizer stands will work is that it places your brand and message in the hands of the consumers. Customers get to interact one on one with the ads. In some cases, these hand sanitizers are kept as portable, pocket-sized variants, making your brand even more visible to consumers.
At Adzze, we have been building capabilities and working with clients to roll out this concept in creative ways to help our clients reach their goals. To finds out more, please click here.