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Best Advertising Practices with QR Code Tracking

Best Advertising Practices with QR Code Tracking

It is really important to integrate creativity and uniqueness into advertising practices to level up the game. Combining technology and creativity is just what you need to boost your advertising methods. It will help you stand out from all the competition.
Incorporating creativity and new ideas is the best way to make attractive ads. It will capture the attention of customers and hold it tightly. When you use more advanced advertising methods that reach the consumers more easily, and in a safe place, it is considered more effective with a higher recall rate.

QR Codes Marketing On Pizza Boxes

Advertisements on coffee cups, coaster bars, and even pizza boxes are some of the great ways to increase engagement and sales. Interactive ads printed on coffee cups and coaster bars with QR code tracking are just like small moving billboards, attracting consumers’ attention and providing a positive ROI.

Here are three advantages of advertising using QR codes:

●    QR code Tracking:

Using advertisements on bar coasters, coffee mugs, door hangers, or pizza boxes with QR code tracking will give you detailed information. For instance, the number of scans, scan time, and the device used to scan the code and location by country and city.

QR Code Marketing

Integrate Google Analytics into your QR code advertisement campaign. You can even get information on the entire process, from QR code scanning to any call to action (CTA), such as downloading a pdf or watching a video, for instance.
Using QR code in advertisements will help you to know the audience’s demographics, which could be used in promotions and advertising campaigns.

●    Higher user engagement through QR code tracking:

QR Code on coffee sleeves
Putting QR code tracking in the advertising campaign will help you gather the emails. You can ask for an email when the customer scans the code and put that to better use. You can also increase engagement by keeping them up-to-date through emails. Creative advertisements like coaster bars, pizza boxes, and coffee cups are smart ways to increase engagement. They will attract people’s attention, which results in increased impressions and revenue. In addition, you can also create good connections with customers through interactive ads. It will provide them with a fun and memorable experience, leading to higher user engagement.

●    Upgrade Digital advertising with QR code tracking:

By incorporating QR code tracking into your digital advertising campaign, you can effectively engage and connect with customers. Social media is the perfect platform for advertising and is a great way to maximize brand awareness with trackable results. Putting QR code into your website banner can attract the user’s attention, resulting in increased impressions and clicks.  The user can directly go to your page to view your products by scanning QR codes on your social media.


Adzze has always encouraged creativity in advertisements to increase engagement. Adzze is the right partner to level up your advertisement campaign using QR code tracking. It is also working to provide advertisements focused on healthcare.