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In-the-hand Marketing

In-the-Hand Marketing: the Emerging Media Trend

Advertising can take many different forms and as technology and the times have changed, advertising has changed with it. Traditional advertising used to only consist of newspapers and radio before branching into television, digital, out-of-home. In-the-Hand Marketing is now the newest trend.

What is In-the-Hand Marketing?

In-the-Hand Marketing differs from other types of marketing because it places ads directly in the consumer’s hand by using consumables such as pizza boxes, coffee cups, and dry cleaners hangers as the method of delivery. For many, this might seem like a low tech approach to go about advertising, especially in this day of digital communication, but In-the-Hand Marketing is surprising easy, inexpensive, and can garner a much higher return on investment than most of the tried and true methods of advertising.


Small moving billboards

With In-the-Hand Marketing, marketers can consider it to be smaller and more portable billboards. The good news is that while consumers have to pass by a certain billboard in order to be influenced by it, this type of “billboard” is something that could be touched by consumers on a daily basis. The marketer can use for example coffee sleeves or target high end consumers with valet ticket advertising. Below the articles about each specific advertising media:


How Does it Work?

Steps to going about securing In-the-Hand Marketing are fairly simple and straightforward. First, a logo or message is designed and then the marketer chooses the media where the ad will be placed. Once manufactured, the disposables are shipped to businesses such as coffee shops and dry cleaners. At that point, consumers will be given the message when they go to pick up clothes on a dry cleaner hanger or pick up a cup of Joe from their favorite coffee house. Products that can be used for In-the-Hand Marketing are pretty much only limited by a marketer’s imagination. Some of the most common items included in this type of advertising include, pizza boxes, shopping bags, food tray liners, drink coasters, dry cleaner hangers, and coffee sleeves.


Advantages of In-the-Hand Marketing

Despite being a relatively new form of advertising, In-the-Hand Marketing  has some distinct advantages over other forms of marketing.

  • For one, in-the-hand marketing offers a much cheaper cost per impression than other types of marketing. For example, the CPM of in-the-hand advertising can be as low as $2 where television can be as high as $34. Other forms of advertising such as newspapers ($32) and billboards ($7-4) are also much costlier.
  • In-the-hand marketing also has an 80 percent campaign recall rate. The next highest recall rates belong to television at 35 percent and billboards at 32 percent. In other words, marketers will see an over 100 percent higher recall rate with in-the-hand advertising than other types.
  • With in-the-hand marketing, the exposure time per person is much higher than with other forms of advertising. With in-the-hand advertising, consumers will spend almost 70 minutes with a cup of coffee and the coffee sleeves and 45 minutes with a pizza box. That is compared to just three seconds with a billboard, five seconds with mall banners and 15 seconds with bus shelters.
  • In-the-hand marketing is also much less expensive with costs running between $1,000 and $2,000 per month whereas billboards can cost over $2,000, mall banner at $6-8,000, and television can be even higher than that.


In short, In-the-Hand Marketing could be beneficial to business with smaller budgets while reaching higher end clients. Adzze provides sull advertising capabilities for In-the-Hand Marketing.

Adzze – In-the-Hand Advertising

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